About Tono Guided Cycling

Tono  Guided Cycling is the new brand name for “Nenoue Kogen Kanko Hoshokai Eco-tourism Div.
Though we are based on Nenoue Kogen, our operation covers not only Nenoue, but also Tono Area.

Tono (pronounced like “toe” + “no” ) means east of Gifu Pref. located in center of Japan, or North of Nagoya, between Tokyo and Osaka.
We are very proud to announce the launch of Tono-Cycling, linked strongly with local governments (Cities of Nakatsugawa, Ena).
The organization is managed by Mr. Kazunori Ukisu, who has more than 10 years experience in the road cycling sports, and has high level of communication in English.
We are currenctly under restruction of our site, and will be back within a month or so.

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